I/ General Information:

  • PG-Ads is one of the most important service of PGCom Fulfillment, which provides Advertising accounts for our customers or enterprises.
  • Released by: PGCom Group
  • Operated by: PGCom Fulfillment

II/ Registration:

The requirements for registration to utilize the service: Regardless of any individual/organization.

How to register to use the service:

  • Customers who is using PGCom Fulfillment services, need to contact us via Telegram/app
  • For new customer, please access this link

You will get specific instructions and prices in the support group.

III/ Some Important Notes

  • All campaigns running on your accounts are subject to Facebook/Google policies.
  • With Facebook ads, an account is limited to running for maximum 10-20 pages. It is necessary to register this list of pages/domains before creating an account, because it cannot be added/changed later. These pages and domains are not valid if registered to any agency before. After having accounts, you can request to assign to any BM and start running advertising.
  • To require to open a new account, you need to contact with our supporters through telegram or fill in this form

IV/ Recharge advertising accounts

  • Accounts that use agency cards must pre-load in order for PGCom to raise the limit.
  • Recharge time: From Monday to Friday, except for holidays.
  • For Facebook Ads, you should charge and inform us before 8:30 and 13:00 (VN time zone). It will be very difficult for charging money if you don’t inform us before these time.
  • For Google Ads, charging time is quite slow, you should charge 1 day in advance (before 15.00pm), your account will be charged in 1 day later.
  • Daily Ads Spent Limit: 450 USD per day.
  • To remove daily limit, your account needs to maintain $450 ads spent for 7 consecutive days. The next limit is 1500, which must run for 7-10 days in order to be considered for entirely deleting the limit.
  • Customers will pay for transaction fee of payment gateways.